Ice Cream

Fresh Ingredients. Real Flavor.

Our Signature Flavors

Vanilla Bean 

A simple flavor, crafted the proper way. Incredibly delicious!

Toasted Coconut

We toast the coconut right here in our oven, you should smell it in here on the days we are toasting coconut!

Buttered Pecan

We take pecan pieces and whole chunks and melt real butter with kosher salt and sautee them right here.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip

We make our own chocolate chips on premis.

Ribbons of Peanut Butter

Our decadent chocolate ice cream swirled with peanut butter.

Salted Caramel

A salted caramel base with salted caramel swirled throughout.

Taste The Difference

Is it handcrafted?

We learned to make ice cream at ice cream university in North Carolina. We make it the right way: in small batches and using local ingredients. Our ice cream has 16% butterfat content (which is one of the reasons it is so creamy and delicious). We source our dairy from a small family-farm in New Era, Michigan, that grows its own feed and milks its own cows. The dairy we use is rBST free; most of our flavors are gluten-free (not the Oreo or Brownie Chunk); and sweetened with real sugar, NOT corn syrup. And we’ve been doing that since day 1.

Can I buy pints of it?

You can get our pints and quarts at many locations around the area and our dip shop in Benzonia. In the winter you can grab Hill Top ice cream at Victoria’s Floral Design, which is attached to the soda shoppe.

Where are you located?

7117 South St – Benzonia, MI

Can I buy your ice cream at stores?


Leelanau Cheese 
 3324 S W Bay Shore Dr
Suttons Bay, MI 49682

(231) 271-2600

The Tribune

110 E Nagonaba St
Northport, MI

Lynn & Perin Mercantile Co.
433 Main Street – Frankfort, MI

Conundrum Cafe
603 Frankfort Ave – Elberta, MI

Crystal Mountain Makret

 12500 Crystal Mountain Dr, Thompsonville, MI  231-668-6628

Empire Village Inn Market

11601 S Lacore Rd, Empire, MI 49630                       (231) 326-5101 empirevillageinn.com


Crystal Downs Country Club 294 E Crystal Downs Dr – Frankfort, MI

Crystal Lake Catering
Jim Barnes – Frankfort, MI

Shop N Save

1747 Benzie Hwy – Benzonia, MI

Still Grinnin’ Catering
Suz McLaughlin – Frankfort, MI

Stormcloud Brewing Company
303 Main Street – Frankfort,

Victoria’s Floral Design
7117 South St – Benzonia, MI

Watervale Inn
1244 Watervale Rd – Arcadia,


Do you offer whole sale ice-cream?

2.5 & 3 Gallon Tubs for Restaurants,
Dip Shops and Special Events
We take pride in our wide selection of quality products and offer most for wholesale.  All of the products we offer are made in our store and we make per order. We can specially make flavors of ice cream just for your store or special event.

Do you other other things besides ice cream?

ICE CREAM  CAKE Ice cream cakes for your birthday or any other special event including weddings! 

FRESH MADE PREMIUM SORBETS Our sorbets change with the seasons and are made with local fruit. Come try Benzie Berry Blast! A Hill Top Soda Shoppe Original flavor.